Friday, July 2, 2010

HGTV - What have you done to my Real Estate Intervention?

Real Estate Intervention is a show that began last year on HGTV. It is hosted by Sabrina Soto and real estate expert Mike Aubrey. The first season focused on homeowners who were having a hard time selling their homes - usually because of the high asking price. Mike does a walk through. Then, he takes the homeowners to see a recently sold comparable house and a house that is on the market in their price range. The idea is that the homeowners will realize they have priced themselves out of a sale and, using Mike's advice, come up with a new price, sell the house and live happily ever after. What made the show great was that rarely happened. Homeowners were combative, cynical and, more often than not, refused to take Mike's advice. It was great, riveting television.

So it was with great anticipation that we sat down to watch the premier of Season Two. Our first reaction was "What the hell happened to our show?" Yes, mom, we said hell. It was a very upsetting moment. First, the homes aren't even on the market yet. Then, Sabrina does a walk-through and figures out what improvements need to be made in order to stage the house. The tours of the comparable homes made the cut, but since the homeowners aren't entrenched on a price, it is far less interesting. At the end, we see the improvements to the house and learn what price the decided on. Snooze fest. I might as well be watching re-runs of Get It Sold. We are very very disappointed. Hopefully there will be more fireworks in future episodes. Otherwise, this baby is getting the ax from the DVR lineup.

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  1. I was angry when I saw they had switched the whole format of the show. Will give it one more chance - but I don't have much hope.