Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Brewing Report: Flying Dog

This round of beer tasting involved a Chicago beer lover. She calls   The Map Room home so therefore she is highly qualified. The first brewery we tasted was Flying Dog. Flying Dog began as a brewpub in Aspen, Colorado and is now brewed for our at-home pleasure in Frederick, Maryland. The Map Room Girl's first comment about Flying Dog was  "any beer that quotes Hunter S. Thompson is f-ing awesome". And I have to say that I agree. So let's get started.

Doggie style pale ale - This is a very drinkable pale ale. It's light with just enough bite to be able to tell it is a pale pale ale, but overall very mild.

Snake Dog IPA - This is definitely an IPA - it has an in your face bite and bitterness, but a fruity note at the end that helps balance it out.

Old stratch amber lager - The initial reactions were blah. Part of that could be because we sampled this after the pale ales so we were expecting a stronger flavor. It has a very slight malt taster. The flavor is okay but  wouldn't pick it out as an amber in a blind test.

In Heat Wheat Hefeweizen - this is one of my favorite beers. It is full of flavor. The Map Room girl calls is banana; my husband calls it lemon, and I think it just a nicely balanced citrus flavor.
Whatever you call it - I like it!

Tire bite golden ale - very smooth, great summer beer, light but has good flavor.

Overall, we were very impressed with this group of beers.
They seem to find the right balance of drinkability without sacrificing flavor. Cheers!

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  1. Yum...In Heat Wheat sounds great!!! Rock Bottom has the most amazing banana I'm loving anything with "banana" in it!!! I'll try it and give you my report! If only I could get paid to drink the beer!