Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brewing Report: Red Brick Brewery

Pale Ale –Flavor is a less hoppy than many pale ales so that increases the drinkability. It would hold up well to a steak. The fruity aroma leads to a fruity aftertaste. If you love traditional pale ales, you miss the sharp bite.

Brown – This brown ale has a strong unique flavor. It avoids the super sweet notes that many brown ales have. The maltiness is more complex that I have found. My husband tasted notes of dark chocolate while I thought it had stout-like flavors. As for drinkability, I think I would max out at two beers due to the full flavor.

Blonde – This Blonde has a full body making it a little heavier than what I typically expect from a Blonde. The flavor is very nice – a slight hops taste with a sweet finish.

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