Monday, August 23, 2010

Whatcha Reading? Three Novels about Cheating

Randomly, three novels about husband who cheated on their wives made it to the front of my reading list:

Husband and Wife: A Novel by Leah Stewart, Heart of the Matter by Emily Griffith and  Fly Away Home: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner. The novels all have something else in common- but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter tells that story from both sides of the equation – the mistress and the wife. I am enthralled by the first chapter. Griffin raises the idea of what if you knew the last time would be the last time – the last time you see someone, the last time you were happy, or the last time you were trusting and naive. This idea has stuck with me. This novel unflinchingly delves into the complexity of these affairs. I was really impressed by this story.

Husband and Wife: A Novel
 Husband and Wife: A Novel is basically the internal monologue of the wife for the first few weeks after she leavens that her husband has cheated. It definitely has the characteristics of an internal monologue – a little rambling and scattered with some self-analysis. I was a little concerned about the novel since it opens with the main character introducing herself to the reader, but the writing style does improve from there.

Fly Away Home: A Novel

Fly Away Home: A Novel -  The twist in this novel is that the cheater is a high profile Senator. The story includes the Senator’s two adult daughters and their own romance tribulations. At times the novel felt like it could have easily been three books. But it is the mother’s journey that allows the daughters to find their freedom. Many people have commented that this was a hard book to put down. I agree. I felt myself devouring this book. I just couldn’t read it fast enough. Weiner definitely lives up to her reputation in this one.


  1. I just finished a book about cheating myself--no surprise that it was published by Red Dress Ink. I'm a bit tired of chick lit books involving men who cheat, though. As soon as I realized what this book (Wonderboy by Fiona Gibson) was about, I had a hard time continuing to read it.