Sunday, September 5, 2010

Brewing Report: Red Sky at Night

I just love beer tastings. I really just can't get enough. I love the exposure to all the different beers without the commitment to a whole pint. At a recent tasting, I was exposed to Red Sky at Night by  Heavy Seas Brewery.

Picture from website

I adore that all the beer names relate to the high seas. I learned that this was a saison or farmhouse ale. What traditionally gives this type of ale its spicy and fruity flavor is open fermentation as in the fermentation process is done in the open so variations of wild yeast can get in on the party.

I found this beer crisp, fruity with a touch of spice. I would relate it to a Sauvignon Blanc as it would pair well with rich foods. The crisp, clean taste would cut right through all that heaviness. It is brewed with Belgium yeast and packs quite a punch - 7.5% alcohol.

If you live in Baltimore - you should be drinking it RIGHT NOW. If you don't - hopefully you'll get a taste soon. Cheers!

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