Thursday, October 28, 2010

Are You Watching? Mike and Molly

After all the hubbub this week about the article in Marie Claire decrying the existence of fat people – I decide I needed to watch Mike and Molly since that is spark that lit this little internet fire.

I liked it. I thought it was typical half hour comedy. She’s a teacher. He’s a cop. She lives with her mom and sister. He lives alone. They both struggle with their weight. The characters seemed a little one-dimensional, but I only watched two episodes and this is the first season. I could see the jokes coming, but still enjoyed them. It was what I expect from a half hour comedy. As long as it makes me giggle a couple times, I am all good. I am glad that it has been picked up for a whole season. I just wish that every series that features main characters that aren’t white, heterosexual and thin could be graded on the content of their writing and acting– rather than the ethnicity, weight or sexuality of the characters.


  1. I think the show Mike & Molly is really cute. The humor is light and reminds me of how much I am glad I don't have to date anymore. But it is definitely funny to laugh at dating issues. I don't know what the "internet fire" was all about, but I think as long as a show is funny and the characters are good, then there shouldn't be a problem.

  2. From the Marie Claire article, you'd think the episodes were all Mike and Molly naked in fluroscent lighting with bad camera angles. I was particularly disappointed that the Marie Claire editor justified the blogger by referring to the blogger's past history with anorexia. So I guess using the same rationale, one could say they don't like seeing TV shows with African-American people in it because they grew up in all white areas. Or New Yorkers don't want to see tv shows with Muslims because of 9/11 ... as if the blogger's history with anorexia justifies bigotry. If she's so offended by larger people, turn the channel. I think it's refreshing that actors over size zero are on TV.