Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'! Whatcha Got Cooking? Candy Corn Infused Vodka

So today's recipe is all about vodka. I know - not exactly the best recipe for feeding your family, but very appropriate for feeding your family. I got the idea from Food Network Magazine. The originial recipe is found here.

The recipe used egg whites and I was a little skeeved out by that even though I think the acid in the lemon juice basically cooks them... Maybe??

Anyway - here we go.

"Infusing" vodka (or any liquid for that matter) - basically means soaking something in it for long enough that the flavor transfers to the vodka.

The ration for this recipe is 1/2 cup candy corn to 1 and 1/2 cups vodka. You see here I doubled it:

1 cup candy corn to 3 cups vodka

Just combine them in an airtight container and leave for at least 3 hours. I used a rubbermaid container and forgot about it for a couple days. The candy corn starts to disenigrate and takes on a slightly orange color and sweeter taste.

After you are done "infusing", you just pour the combination through a strainer and voila - you have candy corn vodka.

To make a candy corn martini - I combined:

2 parts candy corn vodka
1 part Triple Sec.
Shake in ice and the strain into a glass

Garnish with a candy corn and you are good to go! Happy Halloween!

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