Friday, November 5, 2010

Are you Watching? The Good Wife

The Good Wife: The First Season - Special 7-Disc DVD Edition (Includes Limited Edition Bonus Disc)

Season Two of The Good Wife is telling the sophomore slump to SUCK IT!

Disclaimer: I am a sucker for these law/crime shows. There is just something so satisfying seeing the crimes solved in an hour while the back story continues to develop. And the back story on The Good Wife is just so darn good.

The main character is a woman who stands by her cheating, potentially law breaking husband who is running for re-election. Yet, it’s not that simple. She is also a very talented lawyer in her own right who constantly struggles with the decision to stay with him. We see how the media’s coverage of the scandal and the campaign impact their family. We see how the dirty wheels of political campaigning work – a sanitized version, of course. And, we see her struggle with doing the right thing – both in how to deal with her feelings toward a co-worker and in the cases she takes on week to week.

I always worry about shows that set up sexual tension between two characters. I worry that the writers will cave to the desire to resolve that tension. Here, they are keeping it going. The gimmick they used to keep it going was a little annoying. A conveniently deleted voicemail message was a little to 90 minute Rom-Com for me. But all is forgiven.

Overall, I am loving this season. They take on contemporary topics – this week a Nobel Peace Prize nominee is accused of groping a masseuse in a thoughtful, even handed manner.

If you are not watching – you should be.


  1. Whenever I catch the Good Wife, I enjoy it but it hasn't made it to the DVR rotation. I have an Are You Watching for you: Terriers on FX. It's kind of a detective drama/comedy.

  2. I will definitely check out Terriers