Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ask Angie: Good ideas for Holiday gifts?

A couple people have asked me for good websites for looking for unique gifts.

For the philanthropic
A gift certificate to http://www.kiva.org/ is great. The recipient picks an entrepeneur in other country to loan the amount of money equal to the gift certificate. When the loan is repaid, the receipient can decide to cash out or reinvest in another entreneur.

For fun gifts
I love http://www.uncomongoods.com/. It has great bar accessories and all kinds of kid gifts.

I also like http://www.delight.com/ and http://www.thewirelesscatalog.com/.

Another site I love is http://www.redenvelope.com/. It has a great mix of jewelry and I love their plant related gifts.

And of course, as you shop online - don't forget to stop first at http://www.goodshop.com/. You chose your favorite charitable organization and then the website will donate a percentage of your purchase to that organization.

Happy Gift Giving!

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