Friday, September 3, 2010

Are you watching? Weeds

Weeds: Season Six

We are about two episodes into this new season of Weeds and I am not feeling it. I loved this show in it's early seasons. I thought it was fun, edgy and a snarky look at suburban life in America. There was a great tension around Nancy - the lead character: was she a mom just trying to do her best to maintain a good life for her kids or was she a selfish narcissist looking for the easy way out? Even when they took that little jaunt into the world of Mexican drug cartels - I still found humor and hope.  Now I just think she is bat crazy. There's no redemption or hope anymore. The humor is gone and now it's just a sad story. Everyone is too damaged for there to be hope for a happy ending. I'll be deleting this from my TiVO line up.

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