Friday, December 10, 2010

Are You Watching? The French Chef

The French Chef With Julia Child 2
Okay, so this isn't going to show up in the TV guide, but I finally had the chance to watch some episodes of the French Chef last week and I am in love! This show is brilliant. It is a real joy to watch. I love that Child focuses on one ingredient or one method per show and then shows all the different uses. I watched episodes where she cooked vegetables using a blanching and sauteing technique, braised lettuce and cabbage, omelets and baked eggs, and made two innovative dishes with potatoes. She offers substitutes for ready made foods and how to make things in advance to help with the timing of dinner. This is truly a show that teaches the viewer how to cook - not just how to make a certain dish. Nothing on current television even compares. I picked up my copy at the library.  If you are interested in cooking or learning to cook better - you should definitely put this on your Christmas wish list or in your Netflix queue.

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