Friday, July 30, 2010

Are You Watching? Persons Unknown

Upon the advice of a fellow TV lover, my husband and I decided to check out Persons Unknown on NBC. The show’s concept is pretty simple. A group of strangers have been kidnapped and relocated to a town in the middle of nowhere. As the series has unfolds, we learn more about why they are there and get to see how each person reacts to the incarceration. Everyone seems to have a secret. I really like how the show is unfolding in layers. Nothing is what it seems and each answer leads to a new set of questions. Originally we criticized the series for revealing too much too soon, but they have done a good job in keeping our interest as we find out more about the “experiment” that entwines all the characters.

I also like the creation of an inside story and an outside story to help move the audience’s understanding of what is happening along. The use of the reporters to uncover some of the secrets really help move the story along. However, the female reporter has become throw-away character. In the beginning, she was portrayed as a strong nonsense female lead. Now, she has turned into a caricature of a whiny female. Her lines are superfluous. We actually are taking bets on when she will killed.

My husband has taken issue with some of the action scenes and how realistic they really are. I don’t mind so much – as long as there is not a lot of gore.

We are lucky because it is free on demand with our cable. I recommend you take look. I don’t think it will be renewed for another season, but if you are looking for a new show to hold your interest through the summer – this just might be the one for you.

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