Friday, August 13, 2010

Are You Watching? If You Really Knew Me

MTV's new show If You Really Knew Me really surprised me with its intensity. The show profiles an event called "Challenge Day" at high schools across the country. It is a one day seminar that pulls together students across cliques and creates an environment where students feel safe what is really going on with them.

I think this is an important TV show and MTV is the perfect channel for it. I just can't stomach it. Watching the angst that these teens are going through just tears me up. It is really raw.  I am hoping that other teens watching will feel less alone and realize that every high school student suffers through some type of loneliness and isolation.

The one tiny thing that really bugs me is that the logo uses the Price is Right font. Really? Couldn't find a new font? But other than that - this is a really impressive show.

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