Saturday, August 14, 2010

At Home: Personalized Soaps

This past weekend, I was honored to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. She got each bridesmaid a gorgeous basket filled with personalized handmade soaps from The Soap Shoppe.

The smells are so good. The soaps were handmade with all natural ingredients and had fabulous flavors.

 I loved how each item had a label memorializing the wedding.
The Bath Salts
The yummy soap

The Salt Scrub

Then on the back contained a quote about love or marriage.

I even got a set of travel sized soaps for all my travels.

It was a terrific present.


  1. So glad you enjoyed the soaps! Cara does a fabulous job making them :)

  2. The groom is a scoundrel and the most sinister Vice President since LBJ.
    Amy is a lovely, however.

  3. I meant "is lovely"... my smartphone outsmarted me.