Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'! What's Cooking? Homemade Gin and Tonic Sorbet

Sunday morning is fantastic. I curl up with the weekly ads and a cup of coffee and dream of all the ways I can stimulate the economy. This past Sunday - something special caught my eye:

Imagine the summer fun! Slushies every day! So off on a shopping adventure we went! But when we got to the store - there sitting beside the adorable ice shaver miracle machine was a bona fide ice cream maker! For only $5 more! A Sunbeam ice cream maker. After seeing the glimmer of hope and excitement in my eye and listening to my very rational argument that 1/2 gallon of ice cream costs $5 at the store and ignoring the fact that we rarely actually buy ice cream for just that reason, my dear sweet enabling husband conceded.

I immediately rushed home and began exploring the interweb for ice cream recipes and stumbled upon this delightful idea that I just happened to have all the ingrediants for:

Gin and Tonic Sorbet from the Tasty Kitchen
½ cups Sugar

½ cups Water

1 whole Large Lime, Or 2 Medium-sized Limes, Zested And Juiced

3 ounces, fluid Gin

2-½ cups Tonic Water

Preparation Instructions
In a saucepan, make simple syrup by heating water and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Take off heat and add lime zest and juice. Let cool. Once cooled, add tonic water and gin. Taste it and make any adjustments according to taste. Let everything cool in the refrigerator, then strain into the bowl of your ice cream machine. Follow your machine’s directions to freeze the sorbet. Store in a freezer-proof container in the freezer to allow it to harden some more.

Oh the joy! It was super easy to make.  I let the mixture cool in the fridge over night. And the next evening - we had sorbet. It was light, refreshing, a great balance of lime, sweet, gin and tonic. I have my list ready to try out more ice cream connoctions! I can't wait to begin experimenting on my own! This is going to be a great (if not very fattening) summer!

While Amazon did not have the exact model of ice cream makers I purchased, I found this little bargain on their site. To make it super easy - you want one that does not require ice or rock salt. You just store the base in your freezer.

What is going to be your summer treat?

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